Pro-claimed professional disc dog trainers- thoughts about it- Don’t miss this topic!

Very, very intersting thread at Lawrence Fredericks facebook page.



Topic: (self) pro claimed disc dog trainers charging for teaching.


This is a topic often discussed and brought back to discussion with every newbee teaching.
Valid for more than disc dog sports.
Hit the link read- it and build your own opinion.

I LOVE Ron Watson response to it. That’s the spirit!

My point is that we should cultivate a culture of learning where it’s common to pay to bring Chuck, Tracy, or PVybe in to do some teaching. Where we support knowledgable leaders and teachers in our sport and help them to build and grow their teaching ability and knowledge. That’s a vital resource for continued growth of the sport and ever more awe inspiring performances.

It’s happened in Europe, they pay for training – they value it. They [...]

Please hit his complete answer at and read it!

deep Thoughts- easy to read - and worthy to read!


I myself can’t stop talking beside the competition fields, analyzing what I see and sharing it with everyone interested. Thre is no point in holding knowledge back!


Go! Read and share.
✯ Bettina

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